Want accountability, support, and guidance to help you write your personal narratives?

Join the 30-Day Personal Narrative Challenge!

Highlights include:

  • Be part of a focused group of fellow FSO candidates all writing their personal narratives.
  • Receive daily guidance on writing your personal narratives, including best practices.
  • Submit a new personal narrative every few days, and receive new feedback from at least two other members each time.
  • Tap into consistent accountability checks to help you stay on track with your writing and ensure you get things done!

Join FSO Compass to participate in the 30-Day Personal Narrative Challenge starting on March 22, 2021.


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Why March 22?

Why March 22? Because the registration for the June FSOT begins on April 22. As a “first come, first serve” test with limited opportunity to take it, you want to submit your application and narratives as soon as possible to get the testing time and date that you want.

Increased accountability to help you write your personal narratives

If you find yourself having a hard time starting or finishing your narratives then some extra accountability might be just what you need to help you stay on track.

Focused around our 30-day writing framework

We’ll be following the 30-day personal narrative writing framework. However, if you want to pursue your schedule within the timeframe, there is flexibility.

A cohort of members all working together to make progress

FSO Compass is a private community for those who are serious about studying and practicing for the FSOT, and writing their personal narratives. As such, those who participate are less likely to “ghost”. Not only will this help you get results, but you’ll get to connect on a closer level with other members too.

Strengthen your writing

The narratives are a significant hurdle for candidates for an excellent reason – with only 1,300 characters available to you, writing clearly and succinctly is a challenge. We strengthen your writing by requiring you to submit a new narrative every few days and critique others’ submissions every few days.

Join FSO Compass to participate in the 30-Day Personal Narrative Challenge starting on March 22, 2021.


FSO Compass Membership


$ 9 per month
  • 30-Day Personal Narrative Challenge
  • Practice Tests
  • Courses
  • Library of Resources
  • Community


$ 29 per year
  • 30-Day Personal Narrative Challenge
  • Practice Tests
  • Courses
  • Library of Resources
  • Community

Got Questions?

Two reasons. First, commitment on your part. It’s true what they say; if you pay for something, you are more likely to commit to the process and thus find success.

Second, access to all of FSO Compass. The challenge could easily be a standalone product. Instead, it is part of FSO Compass and all the material that it includes. You get access to everything right away.

FSO Compass is a membership site with courses, practice tests, a library of resources, and a community.

  • The courses include reviewing the FSO career and lifestyle, selecting your career track, writing compelling personal narratives, and preparing for the FSOT.
  • There are practice tests to help you prepare for the test’s job knowledge, English expression, and essay sections.
  • A community with forums, monthly membership calls, and monthly interviews with current or former FSOs.
  • And a library of additional resources.
The general structure of the challenge follows:
  • 30-days of advice, accountability, and support
  • Submission of a new personal narrative every few days
  • If you submit a narrative for review, then you must provide constructive feedback to peer narratives within 24-hours after receipt of the narrative
* An important note, providing constructive feedback is an essential aspect of the challenge and one that will benefit your writing during the challenge.

Not a problem. Skip the submission, and you are not required to provide feedback to a peer. Catch up with the next submission deadline.

Absolutely! The requirement is the same for all. If you choose to participate, then commit to the process.